April 2, 2020


Over years of replacing damaged jacks and twisted frames it became apparent that there needed to be a trailer jack system then what is currently out there. Observation and development lead to the present design: A fast, stable, and strong jack that can be retrofitted to a standard ‘A’ frame trailer.

The Triple Quick Custom Jack is a:

  • Custom built design
  • Fits standard ‘A’ frame trailers
  • Will not twist frame/No more bent jacks
  • When folded, fits cleanly between the frame
  • Wide foot, no need for blocks
  • Easy to install
  • Safe/Superior design

The tripe quick jack can be ordered and mailed to your door with quick and easy installation instructions. The kit includes the jack, crossmember, ‘A’ frame brackets, two radial arms, footer, and all hardware needed.

To install the jack: Piece together according to the diagram and place on the a frame of trailer. Verify assembly and spot weld crossmember and radial arm brackets. Double check assembly and fully weld crossmember and radial arm brackets.